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Class Styles

Hatha Slow Flow

These classes build strength and flexibility with a slow flow and begin and end with an iRest relaxation.

Yoga for Pain and Stress

This class is wonderful for those with stress, injuries, chronic fatigue or pain. Poses are performed on props allowing the body to rest while receiving the benefits of the yoga.

iRest Meditation
Specialist form of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) suitable for those with chronic pain, PTSD,  insomnia, stress, depression or just for those seeking a quiet meditative practice.
This is an evidence based, non secular practive developed over the last 29 years by Dr Richard Miller.


Yin yoga is a form of yoga performed mostly seated or lying down, providing improvements in flexibility. Suitable for all, wonderful for athletes and those seeking a quieter class.

Yin Yang

A combination of the slower, still yin poses and flowing, moving yang. The meridians are taken into account in these classes.
Pre and Postnatal
Starting Soon!
These classes help women prepare for labour and birth and regain strength afterwards. Particular emphasis is placed on yoga poses and breathing techniques suitable during use during labour.
Please note that our other classes can also be atttended by pregnant women.
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